7:30pm – Patriotic Concert
    Daum Amphitheater – Kiwanis Park
    Celebrating 40 Years of the Charleston Community Band


    Harold Hackett Memorial Bingo
  • Charleston VFW Banquet Room
    2:00pm – 5:00pm
    Come out for your chance to win prizes, gift certificates and cash!
    Snacks provided for a small fee


    Vendors open at 3:00pm
    Games begin at 3:00PM
    Joyful Bubbles 4:00pm – 7:00pm
    T-shirts will be for sale – $10/each
    Bring your lawn chairs!








Jason has always taken the road less traveled and built his business with hard work, dedication and without compromise. You might even say he goes against the grain, but then again, that is what sets him apart from all the noise.

In early 2011, legendary producer and Swamper, Jimmy Johnson took Jason into Blackbird Studios in Nashville to begin recording his debut album. On July 4th, 2011, “True, Original, American Country” was released.

Jason is a reality check for those unsuspecting fans who thought they were out for just another night. The drums thunder, guitars twang and fans sing along as if the band and crowd were all one. Emotion, sweat and music, all working together in perfect harmony.

Jason’s travels have taken him across the country and back, playing festivals and sharing stages with many of the biggest names in Country music. From small town bars to big city venues and everywhere in between, each stop earning more fans and introducing the masses to what “True, Original, American Country” is all about. Word of mouth is still a powerful thing….and it’s not bought with money.

So while you are reading this bio, there is a good chance that Jason is rolling down another highway, making his way to your town. Come join in a celebration of music and life. Raise an ice cold beer, sing your heart out and be a part of good, honest, original music.

As always, thank you for supporting original, independent music.

Farmer of the Year Award – 8:00pm

    Bring your lawn chairs!







    Richie McDonald – lead vocals, piano
    Michael Britt – lead guitar, backing vocals
    Keech Rainwater – drums
    Dean Sams – keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

    April 29, 2016

    It’s just a small warehouse space, hidden by a nondescript exterior somewhere in Nashville. Inside you’ll see mismatched chairs and rugs scattered around the cement floor. Little lights string across the high, black ceiling. A giant Texas flag covers much of one wall. A pool table, a dartboard, a basketball arcade hoop …

    This is The Band Cave, home away from home for all four members of Lonestar. For more than 20 years they’ve logged countless miles touring throughout the world, released several Platinum-selling albums and ten No. 1 singles, earned ACM and CMA awards and inspired rave reviews as far away as London, where The Guardian proclaimed them exemplars of “country’s greatest strength: picture-painting, story-based, tear-your-heart- out lyrics that are the most direct and lucid in popular music.”

    Yet all roads lead back to The Band Cave, where lead singer/guitarist Richie McDonald, lead guitarist/singer Michael Britt, keyboardist/guitarist/singer Dean Sams and drummer Keech Rainwater wrote and rehearsed songs for their tenth album, Never Enders, each one crafted impeccably yet as raw and soulful as all four members’ Texas honky-tonk roots.

    Lonestar has always set the bar high, but Never Enders exceeds expectations. “It’s always a challenge,” says Richie as they gather one quiet morning at The Band Cave. “But when we’re writing, we always try to stay true to how we’ve done it in the past sonically and lyrically, while still looking to take what we do to new levels.”
    The exhilarating affirmations of the title track “Never Enders,” the haunting reflection on time lost in “My Own Hometown,” the emotional honesty of “Us,” their playful, grin- teasing riff on modern love in “I Want a Love” and their tribute to all the gorgeous lady bartenders they’ve known on “Boomerang” — each song on Never Enders mixes artful craft and the poetry of plain speech, each melody rings clear and all of it reminds us of how emotionally powerful country music can be.

    “We come from an era of phenomenal songs,” says Michael. “When we got our first record deal, people like Gretchen Peters and Mike Reid were writing amazing stuff. I think we just want to aspire to that level of songwriting more than follow what’s on the radio these days.”

    Excellence in writing, strong lead and harmony vocals, exuberant instrumental tracks — all the Lonestar essentials resonate throughout Never Enders. But there are some new

    twists as well, which give this project a special significance.

    It is, for example, their debut recording for the Shanachie Records. “We initially presented them with six songs because we were originally just going to put out an EP on our own 4 Star label,” Dean explains. They said, ‘This is great! You’ve got to do a full record!’ And they sent us back into the studio to finish out the album. I’m glad we did because we came up with some great songs that wouldn’t otherwise have seen the light of day.”

    “I’m glad we did the album instead of an EP because that’s what our fans expect from us,” adds Richie in the first of several affirmations that morning of how central their supporters are to all they do.

    In another first, a member of the band — Dean Sams — produced the entire project. “I love to produce,” he says. “I’ve been doing it for years, producing young talent and helping them get record deals. It’s an important part of who I am and my future. I am thankful and appreciative the guys in the band believed in me and gave me this great opportunity to produce this record.”

    At the same time, Dean continues, “producing is a collaborative effort. Everybody in the band is really musical and has great ideas. I’ve learned from some of the best producers in Nashville to be open and listen to others ideas. It is the sum of our parts that makes us stronger over any one individual.”

    Another milestone is the song “I Want A Love” — the first in Lonestar’s vast catalog to be written by all four members. “We were doing a sound check,” Dean recalls. As I walked on stage Michael was playing this cool guitar riff over and over. I immediately grabbed my phone and recorded what he was playing.”

    Michael takes it from there: “So Dean, Richie and me were writing one day and before we got started Dean said he had recorded something at a sound check that I was playing he thought was cool. After he played it for us Richie said, ‘You know what? Keech called me the other day with an idea I think could be really good: “I want a love that I can sink my teeth into.”’ But we changed it to ‘a love I could sink my heart into.”

    Keech jumps in: “I was a driving down the road and the idea just popped into my head: ‘I want a love that I can sink my teeth into.’ It sounded kind of creepy, but I still called Richie and asked if he’d ever heard a song with that hook in it. He said, ‘Not that I can remember. That’s a good idea.’” “So,” Dean concludes, “we ended up taking Michael’s guitar riff and Keech’s hook and turned into ‘I Want a Love.’”

    There are stories behind every song on Never Enders — the TV commercial that inspired the title and concept of “I’ve Been Wrong Before,” the last-minute scramble that perfectly filled a sudden gap in the album with the up-tempo rocker “Twice” and so on.

    But the real story here is the band itself. More than 20 years after they began their journey, they inspire reviews that are somehow raves and warm congratulations at the same time. (Example: One recent performance motivated to thank them for “a top-notch concert” and “a night of country music to remember.”) Most important, the Lonestar saga continues with a new generation inheriting the love for the group passed down from its original fans. Richie chuckles and shares a story with Dean, Michael and Keech. “A few weeks ago, this little boy, 8 years old, came up to me and asks, ‘Do you sing that song “Amazed”?’ I said, ‘I do.” He said, ‘Well, that’s why I’m here.’ I said, ‘Oh, you came to hear that song?’ He goes, ‘No, my mom and dad got married to that song and then they had me. That’s why I’m here.’”

    The laughter confirms the key to Lonestar’s magic: In the love that binds them to their fans, in the music that makes them as fresh and vital as any other band in county music, they are and will always be true believers … truth seekers… story tellers … Never Enders.

    Known for merging their country roots with strong melodies and rich vocals, Lonestar, comprised of Richie McDonald (lead vocals), Michael Britt (lead guitar & backing vocals), Keech Rainwater (drums), and Dean Sams (keyboards & backing vocals), has amassed RIAA-certified sales in excess of ten million album units since their national launch in 1995, and achieved ten #1 country hits including “No News,” “Come Crying To Me,” and their crossover smash “Amazed” (which was also #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the first record since 1983’s “Islands in the Stream”, to top both charts). The band’s awards include a 1999 ACM Single of The Year for “Amazed” (the song also won the Song of the Year award), and the 2001 CMA Vocal Group of the Year. With over a 100 dates worldwide per year, they are celebrating over 20 years together. Lonestar’s highly anticipated CD, Never Enders, features ten new original Lonestar songs that bring the band’s trademark sound into the contemporary arena. Shanachie Entertainment will release Never Enders on April 29, 2016

    July 4

      American Legion Pancake Breakfast, 6:00am-11:00am, Morton Park East Pavilion
      4 on the 4th
      4 mile Run/Walk Habitat for Humanity
      6:30am – Registration
      4 mile run on city streets – some rolling hills. 2 mile walk on city streets.
      AWARDS: Run – 1st Place overall – Male and Female Finishers
      Male – 1st and 2nd places           Female – 1st and 2nd places
      12 & under                                      12 & under
      13 – 19                                               13 – 19
      20 – 29                                               20 – 29
      30 – 39                                               30 – 39
      40 – 49                                               40 – 49
      50 – 59                                               50 – 59
      60 and over                                      60 and over
      Walk – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Finishers
      9:00am – noon Chalk-In, Coles County Arts Council
      Pet Parade
      9:00am Registration – All Things Pawsitive Dog Club
      9:30am Pet Parade steps off
      10:00am – Inflatables, Fire Hose Fun, Other activities begin and run throughout the day
      1:00pm – Parade
      2:15pm – Bell Ringing Ceremony
      Bring your lawn chairs!

    Sound City is a classic rock band playing throughout Central Illinois. The members include; Doug Simpson-Drums, Steve Stewart-Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals, Jeff McRoberts-Bass & Lead Vocals, Dale Eveland-Keys & Lead Vocals & Dave

    Jenkins-Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals. They have performed in some of the most popular bands in the area including Catch 22, Sister Kate, Alibi, and the Backstage Boogie Band to name a few. Although they all grew up in Charleston during the 70’s, (Except for Dale, he grew up in Paris IL), they never played in a band together until now.

    Formed in 2013, they are celebrating their 5th year of performing. Although heavily influenced by 70’s hard rock performing AC/DC, ZZ Top, and Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Peter Frampton, The Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Head East, Journey & more. They include a touch of 80’s and a bit of country too!

    Sound City has a great rapport with the audience and will “tailor” their music to make any event special.

      All Day – All You Can Eat Ice Cream – $2
      Fireworks – Dusk, Coles County Airport